Eric & Anabelle treuil

Eric serves as the Campus Director. For the past 30 years, he has served the university & city of Lafayette. Eric also serves as Chaplin for the Ragin Cajun football team.  Anabelle serves as the Women's Pastor where she oversees women's lifegroups & discipleship. 


Cole lusby

Cole serves as the Men's Pastor where he oversees men's lifegroups & discipleship.  Cole is also married to Megan.

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Megan Lusby

Megan serves alongside Anabelle with the Women's ministry.  Megan & Cole are also the proud parents of a brand new baby boy - Lawson!

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Pierce Rivera

Pierce is a leader in the men's ministry & oversees the Cafe, where we proudly serve Starbucks coffee. 


erin ledoux

Erin is the office manager - she oversees the staff schedules, finances, and the properties. Truthfully, she does a whole lot!


Miranda Taylor

Miranda oversees our iTeam leaders, events, and helps with the Louisiana District events.