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If I am on campus, can i stop by one of your events?

Absolutely! We always welcome parents to stop in. If you'd like to meet with one of our pastors, please email us at info@lachialpha.org & we'll set something up. 

Also, feel free to stop by our Cafe (where we serve Starbucks) at 1402 Johnston St. Lafayette, LA 70503. We'd love to meet you!

Is chi alpha part of a denomination?

Chi Alpha is sponsored by the Assemblies of God. According to the statistics at the Association of Religion Data Archives, it is the fourth-largest Protestant denomination in the United States after the Southern Baptist, United Methodist, and Evangelical Lutheran churches. You probably have an Assemblies of God church in your hometown without the name "Assembly of God" on the building. We function like an inter-denominational ministry which means that students from all backgrounds can be involved. 

It sounds like chi alpha has a lot of activities. is this going to hurt my child's grades?

Not at all. One of the things we teach students is that we honor God by doing our best, and that our academics are an expression of worship. We have alumni from Chi Alpha that are engineers, business owners, doctors, nurses, teachers, & more.

Is this group going to cost me or my child money?

We have no dues or fees. We encourage students to be obedient with their tithes & offerings according to Scripture. We host & are part of events that do cost money. If it's an event that we host, we only charge what it costs us. 

The events are as follows: 
-August: Leadership Advance (only for leaders) - about $60
-September: Fall Breakaway (state-wide Chi Alpha retreat) - about $70
-December: SALT (region-wide Chi Alpha conference) - $200
-February/March: Mardi Gras Outreach - $50
-April: LTC Retreat (only for leaders) - about $60
*There may be other events that come up. If you have questions about any of these events, feel free to reach out at info@lachialpha.org

You can see our full calendar here

What are you teaching my child?

You can see our beliefs here.

We spend time teaching students (in a one on one time) how to manage their time. We make ourselves available to resource students with a time management sheet, too. 

We also teach them about finances & how to manage their money. We talk openly about debt & budgets.

One of our core values is Real Responsibility. We push students to be responsible. Show up to class ON TIME, don't procrastinate, and make sure your values are in order. 

Hey there,

Thanks for taking time to read through our "For Parents" page. We value & love your children. We do our very best to take care of their spiritual well-being in a tough, postmodern college culture. We hope you would trust us to continue building your child up to be a strong man or woman of God. If you'd ever like to meet, I'd love the opportunity to meet you & your family. 

-Cole Lusby, Director


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