Photography by Jessica Harrington


Cole lusby - Director

Cole serves as the Director to UL Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. He also serves as Men's Pastor overseeing the men's lifegroups & discipleship. He is married to Megan, has one son (Lawson), and one more on the way. 


Megan Lusby - Women's pastor

Megan leads the Women's ministry overseeing the women's lifegroups & discipleship. Megan's leadership & out-going personality is a gift to the ministry. 


Pierce Rivera - XA House & Cafe manager

Pierce is a leader in the men's ministry. Pierce oversees the Cafe, where we proudly serve Starbucks coffee. He is also over the Chi Alpha House. Pierce's creative thinking & problem solving skills are valuable to our ministry. 


erin Harrington - Office manager

Erin is the office manager. She oversees schedules, finances, the property, and a whole lot more. She is married to Aaron Harrington. Erin is valuable in her accounting skills. 


Miranda Taylor - iTeam & Programming

Miranda oversees our iTeam leaders, programming events, and helps with the Louisiana District of Chi Alpha. Miranda teaches interns on preaching & more! She also has a regional role in our SALT conference. Miranda is a valuable asset in administration & teaching. 


Zack Liccardi - Assistant Men's pastor & international night

Zack helps oversee our resource leaders (leader to our lifegroup leaders) and the men's lifegroup leaders. Zack is a valuable resource in discipleship. He also leads our weekly international night outreach to students from across the world. Zack is married to Haley. 


haley liccardi - women's ministry & worship

Haley is a vital part of our women's ministry. Haley has an incredible gift of leading our ministry in worship. Haley is a breath of fresh air for all who come in contact with her. 


Ben harrington - slcc campus pastor

Ben is the connections and outreach pastor on South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) and UL’s campus. Ben desires to see a new harvest of students at SLCC and UL. He is married to Jessica. Ben is a driven man of God!


Allison Marrs - Athletes


Allison is our newest member of the staff. She works with athletes leading small groups. She also works with women’s ministry overseeing some of our small group leaders. She is full of energy & has a great work ethic!


Eric & Anabelle treuil - Executive Directors

Eric & Anabelle serve as executive directors of UL Chi Alpha.  In addition they oversee the Internship Program (Diversity Project) and all of Chi Alpha in Louisiana and the South Central Area (Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico).  Eric directs the athletic outreach Cajuns 4 Christ and also serves as Chaplin for the Ragin Cajun football team.  


lawson clark lusby - janitor

Lawson eats everything off the floor. He also makes a mess which makes him a bad janitor.